We design our own. Electric elevators with and without machine room and hydraulic. We carry out and install elevators for residential, office, commercial and industrial buildings.

ATES Ascensores soluciones elevación
ATES elevators soluciones en montacoches

Car lift

Robust and reliable designs. Adapted to the space needs you have.


Elevators to improve the accessibility of single-family homes and commercial premises. Low consumption and high wear comfort. No need for a pit or escape. Design is tailored to your needs.

Homelifts Ascensores en viviendas propias por ATES elevators

Lift truck

We have elevators to transport goods from 100kg. to 10,000kg. We design the forklift according to production needs, with an open or cabin platform and complementary load if necessary.


Special vertical transport designs and installation: large loads and / or long distances

Instalación de ascensores industriales ATES soluciones elevators
Instalaciones de escaleras mecánicas por ATES elevators

Escalators and ramps

Designed to facilitate mobility in public spaces.

Special facilities

As an elevator manufacturer we can study your needs and offer the best possible solution.

Proyectos de accesibilidad por ATES elevators


We have a whole range for the elimination of architectural barriers.