Frame and ringlock european scaffolding

At ATES we have one of the largest sites in the Comunidad Valenciana, with a wide range of products for the construction, rehabilitation and closing of facades, both for rent and for sale.

The scaffolds facilitate the execution of work in places of difficult access and  comply with the specifications contained in the following standards:  UNE-EN 12810, UNE-EN 12811, Adapted by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Las cimbras y los apeos estructurales ATES Construcción y Andamios

Formwork and shoring

Are versatile structures, sometimes made with the same elements of a work scaffold, whose function is to support loads instead of enabling a work area at height.

 The falsework are formwork shoring systems; They are made up of vertical support elements and multi-directional connection systems . In this way, versatility of use is achieved, with easy assembly and allows lowering both curdled falsework and independent towers.

 The multidirectional joining technique saves assembly time, while providing great stability and multiple formal possibilities. A simple blow of the hammer adjusts the joint wedges and allows the alignment of the verticals, horizontals or diagonals to the required angle.

They can be assembled lying on the ground or vertically in their final position and transported from one structure to another without a need to be disassembled.A

Facade stabilizers

Versatile and diaphanous system that allows the support and stabilization of the façade or structures against the forces of the wind

Estabilizadores de fachada permiten la sustentación
Escaleras de acceso y servicio por ATES Construcción y andamios

Access and service stairs

They adapt to any type, allowing both public and private access. Our ladder models allow the user to disembark in the safest way.