Auxiliar machinery

Generator sets

Generating sets with powers between 4.5 kvas -150 kvas, for light supply 220V-380V 50HZ.

Plate compactors

Plate Compactor trays 75Kgr, 125Kgr, 220Kgr ATES auxiliary machinery


Dumpers for earthworks, etc. with weights ranging from 750kgr- 3000kgr

Carretillas Agria TH30-25, 30-21 maquinaria auxiliar de ATES


Agria Forklift TH30-25, 30-21


Kaeser compressors M-38, M-43, M-

Compresores Kaeser M-38, M-43, M-58
Plataformas de tijera eléctricas 8,10,12 mts

Scissor lifts

JLG electric scissors 6 meters working height

Articulating booms

Haulotte Articulated boom 18 meters

Brazos articulados de maquinaria auxiliar de ATES Construction
Hormigoneras 160 250 litros

Steel-Drum Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixer with flywheel torque reduction with a capacity of 250 kg.

Demolition & Breaker Electric Hammers

From 3kg to 15 kg.

Martillos electricos 3kgr hasta 15 kg maquinaria auxiliar de ATES Construction
Elevadores eléctricos, con capacidad de carga de 300kgr. Maquinaria auxiliar ATES Construction

Electric hoists

With a load capacity of 300kgr

Cutting machinery section

Asphalt cutter, water chop saw, wood chop saw

Vibraciones de hormigón ATES Construction


Pison vibrasaltador DINAPACC

Vibratory Rollers

Single/Double drum vibratory rollers