Completed installation of the 50-meter ATES scaffolding for “El Parotet” in Valencia

We have installed a 50 meter high scaffolding for the well-known Parotet sculpture
Andamiaje de ATES a gran altura en estructuras para patrimonio
This work from the end of 2003, by Miquel Navarro, measures 46 meters high and weighs 93 tons, representing a giant insect that has become an emblematic symbol of the city. We located it in the roundabout of Plaza Europa in Valencia, next to the City of Arts and Sciences and the Tower of France, and it will be rehabilitated to return its original color: Mediterranean blue.
Andamiaje para el PArotet de Valencia por ATES

Sculpture rehabilitation

The Parotet, two decades after its installation, required a comprehensive restoration to return it to its original splendor. In this context, ATES took on the challenge of providing the necessary scaffolding to carry out such rehabilitation. With a team of experts in the assembly of high-rise structures to guarantee the safety and stability of the environment during the restoration process.
Andamiaje del Parotet Valencia por ATES Construction

Scaffolding for rehabilitation works

With our extensive experience in the scaffolding and construction sector, the 50-meter-high scaffolding around the Parotet sculpture has been meticulously and professionally installed. With the aim of allowing safe access to each part of the sculpture, thus facilitating cleaning, sanitizing and painting tasks.

We have worked in collaboration with the technicians of the Municipal Historical Heritage Service to guarantee compliance with all safety and conservation standards for cultural heritage.

Estructuras de andamios para patrimonio de Valencia. El Parotet por ATES Construction